Clinical Services

For those who wish to journey more deeply…

Areas of Emphasis:  Children, Adolescents & Adults

• Anxiety/Depression
• Personal/Social/Work-related Relationship Challenges
• Pre-marital Counseling
• Couples and Marriage Counseling
• Parenting & In-home Parenting Therapy
• Communication/Assertiveness/Interpersonal Effectiveness
• Women’s Issues
• Cultural/Racial/Ethnic Identity Development
• Gifted Adults
• Recovering Alcoholics
• Adult Children of Alcoholics
• Codependency
• Creative Solutions
• Compulsive Overeating
• Personal Growth/Self-Esteem
• Clinical Supervision (AAMFT & CAMFT Certified Supervisor)
• Public Speaking & Groups


•  Divorce “Doula” – support transitioning through divorce and creating your new life|
•  Co-parenting and Parent Reunification Services
•  Co-Mediation & Collaborative Divorce Coach

If these kinds of questions (and the thoughtful answers you provide) interest you, you may wish to call for an initial, complimentary 50-minute consultation with Ria Severance, LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist):

• Are you living a life that is an expression of your true values and your heart’s desire?
• Are you free to regularly consider whether/how love guides your relationships with those you cherish most?
• Do you see evidence that love, as you define it, actually nourishes those you love?
• Is there room for honesty, vulnerability and your most cherished dreams in your primary and/or most intimate relationships?
• Are you free to love and care for yourself in attuned, truly responsive and satisfying ways?
• Is your “true self” expressed freely in your life?
• Are you working to live or living to work?  Are you deadened or enlivened by your work/relationships?
• Is being needed more important to you than the risks involved in loving, sharing yourself and being truly open and receptive to love?
• Are you awake to the growth-enhancing lessons your relationships offer on a moment-to-moment basis?
• Are you living life creatively and passionately?

My fee for clinical services is $320+ per hour.  I have a limited sliding-scale, so feel free to ask! When you call to schedule, please let me know that you read about the complimentary first 50-minute session on this website, as this is not a usual policy for me.  I am primarily available Tuesdays and Thursdays, but ask about other availability.   Very early morning sessions are sometimes available. I look forward to hearing from you!   626-354-4334