Ria Severance, Executive Development Consultant

risphoto160Ria Severance
, an executive development consultant, is also a mediator and licensed psychotherapist (LMFT24650). She has served executives and employees from major Los Angeles law firms and corporations for over 25 years. Ms. Severance’s style is genuine and direct. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Her fresh approach ignites and invigorates, as it empowers. Ms. Severance offers an understanding of individual and interpersonal dynamics that brings an extraordinary depth to her work.Consultations are available to organizations, or on an individual, confidential basis for executive leaders who wish to meet ongoing challenges in a more satisfying way.

What People Are Saying About Ria Severance…

“Ria’s ability to connect, relate and provide counsel is an effortless and instinctual process for this industry leader. Her tactful ability to cut to the chase is truly impressive and admirable. She holds herself accountable for her impact on others, while inspiring and empowering others to do the same. If you have the opportunity to work with Ria, you would be foolish not to take it. She will bring out the best in you.”

– Scott Yonehiro, Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, First Security Lending

“Ria Severance is a dream holder. Share your dream with her and she’ll support your making it happen. I can’t recommend her highly enough to people who want to manifest their deepest desires, whether those desires are personal, recreational or professional. I love who she is and how she is! She’s a generous contribution wherever she goes. She gets behind and magnifies the best part of a person in a way that profoundly empowers, while putting personal challenges in clear, manageable perspective. What you see is what you get — Don’t miss an opportunity to work with this woman!”

– Ellen Snortland, lawyer, women’s rights activist, filmmaker and author of Beauty Bites Beast: The Missing Conversation About Ending Violence.

“Ria Severance is that rare combination of savvy business consultant and interpersonal relationship consultant. Executives who want to rev up their success are well served by her compassionate, knowledgeable straight talk. Ria Severance is the answer to any executive or business owner’s prayers. She empowers executive clients to diminish and set aside obstacles to their complete effectiveness, helping them achieve excellence professionally, as well as personally.”

– Pauline Field, Business Consultant and Author of “Feisty & Fearless : Nice Girls CAN Be Leaders”