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You are a vital resource for your business colleagues and clients.

On an individual basis, EDC serves highly skilled executive leaders by helping them engage interpersonal challenges – potential obstacles to success in their professional environments. At times there are clinical issues underlying such challenges, and Ms. Severance is equipped to address these as well (See Clinical Services on this website). Although Ms. Severance’s clinical skills are not underscored in her brochure, clients understand when they come in that she is also a licensed clinician practicing psychotherapy (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #24650), and cannot completely separate that skill set from her executive consulting services. EDC clients typically prefer the confidentiality of her off-site services.

In some cases, by referring to EDC, HR and colleagues of a potential EDC client are spared more directly addressing ineffective interpersonal behavior, and EDC clients are supported and empowered, while being spared that potential embarrassment. Hospitals, law firms and other companies and organizations also use Ms. Severance’s services to ward off formal warnings to top-level executives and employees. Additionally, intimates appreciate EDC’s brochure because,at least initially, mates having interpersonal difficulties may be more inclined to consider “executive development consulting” than “psychotherapy,” depending on their needs.

Modeled on the website, the EDC brochure is upbeat and appeals to your clients’ real competencies, while inviting them to further develop leadership and business-relationship skills. The recipient feels valued and supported, without any stigma or negative connotation. Consequently, the brochure is easy to offer as a gesture of support to a managing partner, colleague or friend, for example, that complains about their employees or work situation, again.

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